Hail and Farewell

HAIL to ATK’s Liberty Transportation System, under development by a U.S.-French team. Combining a first stage from the company’s Utah complex and a French second stage, Liberty may be the vehicle to get America back into the crewed rocket business. … Continue reading»

An Ornament

The planetary nebula NGC7048 floats in the midst of the star-swarm of the Milky Way, part of the summertime constellation Cygnus the Swan. From our vantage, it’s about 60 by 50 arc-seconds in size; its magnitude is 11.3.Announcing its discovery … Continue reading»


Jupiter, king of the planets, rules the night sky during October. The gas giant rises in the east-northeast around 6:30 p.m., reaches its zenith around 60 degrees altitude by 1:30 a.m. and at dawn remains visible near the western horizon. … Continue reading»

She's Mine at Last!

For two years I’ve been wooing a real beauty, without success until now.It’s the lovely spiral galaxy NGC7331, a good target in the autumn, riding high in the constellation Pegasus.The first time I tried, in September 2009, I imaged it … Continue reading»