A fine scientific tool has expanded from the observatories of professional astronomers into classroom and into the homes and offices of amateurs: roboscoping, the remote control of large telescopes through Internet linkage. Seven astronomy buffs tried it out in a … Continue reading»

A Star Erupts

A nova is shining in the constellation Eridanus. Although not bright enough for naked-eye viewing, it’s an interesting object. It was discovered on Nov. 25 by an astronomer named Koichi Itagaki of Yamagata, Japan. [Patrick Wiggins’ view of the nova, … Continue reading»

The Universe on a Shoestring

David Rankin, one of Utah’s youngest and ablest astrophotographers, has spent an unbelievable amount of money on the hobby. An unbelievably small amount, that is. [David Rankin with his 10-inch-diameter reflector telescope and the gear he modified himself for astrophotography. … Continue reading»