No Martian Trees

Arthur C. Clarke, the famous writer, claimed in 2001 that a photograph taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft showed vegetation on Mars. The objects are shaped like banyan trees, and appear during the planet’s spring, he observed; his certainty … Continue reading»

Seeing the Light

All visual astronomy is based on light, of course; only, what is light? It is an electromagnetic emission released through an energetic reaction. If material is hot enough it emits light; if excited electrons fall back to a state of … Continue reading»

Share the Magic

Jay Eads, an educator who lives in Kearns, started the conversation. In a UtahAstronomy email discussion group posting headed “magic moments,” he told about an experience he had Wednesday night. He had set up his telescope in the backyard. “I … Continue reading»

Snag 'N' Bag

These incidents happened within the past month and a half: — Feb. 10, a U.S. Iridium communications and a Russian communications satellite collide, flinging two debris clouds into space. The material could threaten the International Space Station or the space … Continue reading»

Telescope Lessons

STANSBURY PARK, Tooele County – Undoubtedly it is the handsomest section of irrigation pipe in existence, this spectacular instrument that Patrick Wiggins built. The pipe looks little like its brothers that carried on the family business of watering alfalfa fields. … Continue reading»


Right off the bat let me confess that until Tuesday I knew nothing about Stephen Colbert other than his making up the mildly humorous word “truthiness.” We don’t have cable; we still haven’t switched to digital, and I almost never … Continue reading»